Sunday, November 28, 2010

Treating Anxiety - Linden Method

Rising and dominating like wildfire in the market nowadays, are varying products for overcoming anxiety. This may well be in reaction to the world's escalating number of anxiety sufferers.

As of 2008, there are actually 40 million reported cases of anxiety attacks, panic disorder, phobias and OCD. Most of these people count on doctor-prescribed meds or anti anxiety therapy while a number of them choose to endure the growing pains and aggravations of having anxiety and panic attacks rather than expending large sums to cure it.Here's a product, however that will give hope and an affordable alternative to anxiety-sufferers on a limited budget -- The Linden Method.

This method has made its way to foreign magazines and journals and was endorsed by respected medical and mental health institutions across the world. It was authorized by the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) in 2008.

The Amygdala, which is a tiny almond-shaped part of our brain, is the focal point of The Linden Method.Anxiety rates are kept and handled by The Amygdala (a.k.a "anxiety switch") in the brain. This "anxiety switch", at times, goes wrong and frees an excessive amount of anxiety for no reason, making a person very likely to have anxiety attacks, panic attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and phobias.

The Linden Method is a result of of Dr. Charles Linden's long years of struggle against anxiety attacks, panic attacks and Agoraphobia.

Evidently, treating anxiety by therapy sessions and anti anxiety drugs are more expensive than The Linden Method.

Besides The Linden Method  book itself, 16 Audio CDs, an e-book and DVDs are thrown into the equation for just $177.

Regardless of age, treating anxiety with The Linden Method is a sure thing..
Patients who will make use of these techniques can learn means in which they can  live well and discover several meditation and respiration strategies to always keep anxiety levels down. What’s more,anxiety patients will also discover strategies on how to put an end to disconcerting thoughts, practice a positive outlook and uncover tips to resting and sleeping all night through.

This book promises to deliver healing and permanent anxiety recovery for every single patient, which is why The Linden Center offers a full year free psych consultation for anxiety sufferers.  The Linden Center is composed of exclusively-trained team of doctors assisting people get rid of anxiety medication-free.

Some signs and symptoms of anxiety:

Body jolts or electric shock feeling

Changes in sex drive

Involuntary shaking and trembling

Feeling nauseous

Frightened at normal things

Frequent headaches or headaches

Pains in the neck area

Itchiness and Burning feeling in the scalp

Diminished capability to hear

Nightmares or bad dreams

Derealization (Losing touch of reality)

Sudden and constant forgetfulness

Always feeling angry, irritable or afraid


Burning tongue


Feeling as if the floor is shaking and you’re about to fall through

Floating feeling 

Fear of snapping

Abnormally scared of dark places

Scared of being trapped

Stabbing pains in the neck and face

Feeling as though the world is on your shoulders

If you are having or exhibiting these,  you are a victim of anxiety and panic disorder. Do what you can to stop it as soon as possible!

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